"Be A Smarty Pants" with Cam Kids.

Following our campaign in March supporting children in Cambodia by buying them a bicycle each time we sell a car, we are now helping to provide school uniforms to this same community. 

Cam Kids are a superb charity that we know very well having also previously funded a school class of 35 students for a year in 2016. They were first established to help children in Cambodia who are either poor or whose parents are not there for them: orphans, street children, children living in poor rural areas and children affected by natural disasters, such as flood or famine. What is excellent about this charity is every penny donated remains in Cambodian and goes direct to the cause.

The Chbar chros village in the kampong speu province are one community Cam Kids are supporting where they have run a number of projects including building a school, implementing solar power, water wells and providing a much needed dental and medical team. The fee for education at this school in this local farming community is simply cow dung to fuel the bio gas kitchens which is pretty cool.

So how are we trying to help? As a first step Cam Kids built the CCC School in Chbar chros village first for early primary years but now it goes all the way to grade 6. As there is no secondary school in the village and with the closest school being a 30 minute bike ride, there is a need for bicycles to get these students to school. So we had the idea to run “on your bike" during March where we will buy a new set of wheels for a child every time we sell a vehicle in our dealership. Following this we are running a number of other campiagns to help provide this community with the basic things that we take for granted everyday. 

If you would like any more information on this super charity you can visit their website at www.camkids.org or follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/camkids/.