Official Sponsors of Jack Dann Racing

We are extremely proud to announce Mantis Cars are an official sponsor of british racing driver, Jack Dann from Sudbury, Suffolk. At 15 years old, Jack is one of the UK's most promising racing drivers who has been driving since he was just 8 years old. Perhaps it has been Jacks battles to overcome the everyday struggles of living with Autism that have given him the drive to succeed on the race track or pehaps it is simply raw talent and dedication. Eitherway the simple things that Jack finds hard to over come on a daily basis are put to one side when he steps foot on a race track and his extraordinary talent shines through. 

Success began when he was winner of the Corporate Championship in 2013 inspiring him to do his first full year as owner-driver in 2014. By 2016 he was back on the podium as the Honda Cadet Club Champion and again in 2017 as Junior TKM Club Champion and lap record holder. Off the back of these achievemants, the BMR academy invited Jack to join them and race Junior X30 until now where he has the opportunity to step up into the seniors racing with team RSR. 

Jack is one of the most talented & remarkable young men we have ever had the pleasure to meet. His inspirational story began when he first stepped into a go kart on his eighth birthday . It was easy to see that Jack was a natural and on his ninth birthday he drove an outdoor track for the first time breaking the lap record in his first day!

If you would like to support one of the most exciting young racers in the UK today or would like to know more about Jack Dann Racing, head over to Jack's limited budget means that his sponsors play a huge role in keeping him on the track and racing. He relies on only his natural ability to match his peers’ who enjoy significant advantages in terms of budget, equipment, racing opportunities and track time.

We'll be sure to keep you up-dated on how Jack is doing.