Poll Results: M235i Vs Audi S3

This Friday on Facebook in our regular #fridayfun feature we ran a poll pitting our "Black Saphire" BMW 235i against our "Navarra Blue" Audi S3. We know both cars offer a thrilling perfomance and have loads of appeal; the Audi S3 with technology pack & fine nappa leather while the BMW 235i has super looks featuring gloss black kidney grills & coral red leather. The cars come in at similar prices with the Audi S3 requiring slightly deeper pockets at £24,495 vs £22,500 on the 2 Series. 

More than 750 of our Facebookers joined in and voted in what was one of our most popular polls we've run with the winner switching multiple times throughout. Now we are drawing the poll to an end and the results show the Audi S3 edged ahead by a whisker with 52% of votes.  Whichever way you voted, I think we'll all agree that they are both a good way to spent "£20 thousand-ish".